I didn't have an opportunity to greet you after your Meyerson performance and hymn sing last Tuesday at the OHS convention [joint convention of the Organ Historical Society and The Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada]. For me, it was THE highlight of the week. Thank you for your fine musicianship and for your sensitive programming and registering of Opus 100 [the Meyerson Symphony Center's pipe organ, built by CB Fisk organ company]. David C. Pike, Executive Vice President and Tonal Director at CB Fisk” - David C. Pike

— organ builder, convention attendee

I just wanted to let you know that I thought your Saint-Saëns today was just stunning!  Thank you so much!”

— organ builder

Thank you so much for the audio treat.  It is just finishing on my system, which is really intended for such fine performances that are well recorded. ... My listening notes are that this is a very well defined recording with excellent articulation of instruments and sections.  The organ is supportive of this and not overly dominant.  There is good balance.  The overall sound is clear and not as dark as some recordings of Saint-Saëns No. 3.  I will listen again and again.”

— CD purchaser

Thank you for being such a great ambassador for the organ, and for bringing your artistry to the community on our instrument.”

— organ builder

You really carry the mantle of John Obetz onward.  You perform beautifully, you are wonderfully articulate, you love to teach, AND you have a fine sense of humor.  Moreover, you perform on and protect his "babies" (The Auditorium, The Temple, and Helzberg Hall) ... a real heir to his legacy.”

— organ technician

I just got through listening to your cd of the Julia Kauffman organ.  All I can say is WOW! I think my favorite piece is the Gigout Grand Chouer Dialogue. That chorus of reeds on the G.C. is amazing!!”

— CD purchaser

After two months of your presence here, I finally got to sit down to write you this thank you note about your CD. I love it! But I want to tell you why. First of course, the repertoire you chose. Out of question. Second, because you just play it… too well. But third, because the vitality with which you approach life is conveyed in the way you are playing the organ. This is not an easy thing to say, because the organ can be very “impersonal” sometimes, as it doesn’t have many of the nuances and dynamics that other instruments do, so you really need to communicate your own blood to the instrument. And then of course, after getting to know you better, I can just picture yourself on that fabulous instrument.”

— CD purchaser

I just got to see your spot on Kansas City Live with Joel Nichols.  What great publicity!  I wish I had known, I would have taped it.  You two make a good act.”

— TV viewer

(via Facebook:)  Come join us for "Organ Extravaganza," it's a concert put on by Jan Kraybill. She is the most amazing organist I think I've EVER encountered. She is so captivating, you will not be disappointed. ” - Ontario, Canada

— fan

(via Facebook:)  Jan Kraybill...listening to your newest CD that arrived in the mail yesterday and mesmerized by your performances and amazing talent. What a gift to Kansas City and the music world you are!”

— CD purchaser