selections from suite for eric by paul ayres

I've had the pleasure of performing selections from Paul Ayres' charming Suite for Eric  on several occasions. These videos are posted on his YouTube channel. For more information about Paul, visit his website.

memories and mutations:  Jan kraybill's 23rd anual super bowl sunday organ concert

The archived version of my 23rd annual Super Bowl Sunday organ concert on February 13, 2022, an online-only due to renewed COVID concerns in the area. This version, archived on March 14 that year, leaves out one copyrighted piece that we only had permission to leave online for one month. (Copyright concerns are the reason many of my live and recorded performances do not remain online.)

the video that went around the world!

During the COVID shutdown, one of my favorite responsibilities was to visit each of the three large pipe organs I oversee, playing and climbing through them to keep track of their health.  On April 24, 2020, my husband Allan -- who was  part of my "COVID bubble" and therefore assisted me on many of these visits --  shot this video as I was testing the Julia Irene Kauffman pipe organ at the  Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.  To my surprise, it amassed hundreds of thousands of views, comments, and shares on Facebook, from people all over the world.  A great COVID-era connection when we were separated! 

Here are a couple of reactions to that video, out of hundreds shared with me:

Blown away by the artist's performance of Widor's Toccata in the course of inspecting at Kauffman Center organ. Thanks for a bright spot in the time of Covid-19! Good health to all!”