Thank you so much for your valuable contributions to The Hymn Society's Annual Conference in Dallas. The Tuesday evening hymn festival that you and Mark [Doerries, conductor of the Notre Dame Children's Choir] led at the Meyerson Symphony Center was beautiful, powerful, and engaging. The organ, the choir, the spoken texts, and of course the singing of the assembly were skillfully blended into a very memorable event. I'm so grateful for the gifts you shared with us that evening and also during the panel presentation the next day at Highland Park UMC.”

— J. Michael McMahon, Executive Director, The Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada

We have very much enjoyed making music with you. You have such a flexible, fun, open, and professional presence. Thank you for elevating Kantorei!”

— collaborative musicians Kantorie choir, Denver, CO

Thank you again for an amazing concert. I was so thrilled to have you back at Loyola and the concert theme was just perfect.”

— concert organizer, Chicago, IL

I can’t possibly thank you enough for your contribution to our amazing concert on Monday night! I can’t imagine a better way to open our concert. Your playing was exquisite, and your choice of repertoire was perfect. ... Again, thank you SO much for making our concert so incredible. ”

— concert organizer, Kansas City, MO

You surprised me when you started off with one of my compositions (which you played just like I like it). ... Your registrations sounded so good.  You played beautifully.”

— concert organizer, Kansas City, MO

Thank you for your magnificent recital for us at last year's East Texas Pipe Organ Festival.  Your recital was just masterful in every way, and your handling of the organ was brilliant.”

— concert presenter, Longview, TX

Thank you so much for "pulling out all the stops" to make our first meeting of the year a smashing success!  All of us were mesmerized by your music-making, thrilled at the opportunity to see the organ up close, and enchanted to get to spend time with you.”

— concert organizer, Kansas City, MO

I thought your performance was phenomenal ... you played with such excellence and aplomb ... left me speechless. More than that, your wonderful spirit added so much to the convention.  I thoroughly enjoyed your master class and informal time in conversation.  God blessed the world with a wonderful human being when he created you. Your positive, outreaching and outgoing personality, coupled with your vulnerable honesty brings a refreshment to all who encounter you.”

— concert presenter, Jacksonville, FL

You gave us far more than music off of a page or keystrokes at a console!  Your words and music were, well, stunning!  We all feel that what you gave us was more than something of tangible measure.  You gave us something of yourself, and that is beyond measure. ... Throughout the week you gave further of yourself.  You were the only one of our headliners that stayed for the entire convention.  Your Tuesday Master Class was so well done and wonderfully received that several of us on the steering committee were thanked several times for inviting you.  I thought it was terrific, especially the time you spent with a young man early in his life’s adventure.”

— concert presenter, Jacksonville, FL

It was thrilling to hear you play our Pasi Opus 24, and the fact that over 160 people came -- over lunch -- is testimony to your legendary artistry.  I think most people really appreciate your educational program notes -- written and verbal -- and come to learn much more about our instrument and its repertoire.  I praise God for the wonderful combination, in you, of brains, beauty, and dedication to celebrating the wonderful world of organ music.”

— concert organizer, Kansas City, MO