I couldn't stick around after the Te Deum concert this evening, but wanted to say how much I enjoyed that concert, in particular the poetry and your collaboration on that. I always love hearing composers and poets who are new to me, and I really appreciated what she [Natasha Ria El-Scari] brought to it. I think Matthew [Shepard] put together a wonderfully thoughtful program, and you and the organ really brought it! Way to go.”

— audience member at Te Deum choral concert "Lessons and Carols for Today" in December 2023

My friend and I attended the Christmas concert at 1:00 today. We were actually 2 rows just above you. :-) It was a tremendous concert! Lots of fun and I felt full of music when we left. ”

— audience member at Kansas City Symphony Christmas Festival performance, December 2023

... Thanks for reminding me to focus on long range goals and strategic growth over time. Especially as I think of retiring someday, I need to have a sense of purpose beyond playing a few notes with a learning strategy. ... Today, though, caused me to again appreciate your ministry on a personal level. You helped me (and so many others) find purpose and commitment to carry on a vision that emerged from the life of Wallace B. Smith. The instrument sounded magnificent. Your registrations displayed the orchestral capacity of the Casavant as beautifully as I've ever heard it. Thank you again for your inspiration.”

— workshop participant (September 2023) and congregation member for memorial service (October 2023), Kansas City

You got everything right!!! Thanks for a great concert. It was a joy to meet you!!”

— audience member at solo organ concert, September 2023, Kokomo, IN

Love this performance. Organ sounds great. Bright, clear, and exciting. Nice ornamentations.”

online audience member, writing in September 2023 about online performance in 2020

Your program / workshop last night was presented perfectly! ... Your approach to sharing information with colleagues, and your sense of humor and your humility, make for an engaging and interesting presentation. From your personal experience you gave us wonderful insights into how to approach practice, and to improve to reach that Excellent mark. Even though most of our members will not need to perform at your level, your tools to enhance practice are still quite welcome and usable. ... Kudos to you for all that you do and especially for what you share with our chapter and our community, we are all so very appreciative of that.”

— participant at my workshop "E-E-E Practice: Effective, Efficient, and Excellent," September 2023, in Kansas City

You did such a great job today at Swedesbury, Iowa! I came up afterward and said 'you were delightful.' Such good programming of music!”

— audience member at solo organ concert, September 2023, at Swedesburg Evangelical Lutheran Church, to re-dedicate their pipe organ

I loved your presentation on Saturday! Thank you so very much for your work in preparing for our event and oh, I can’t begin to adequately express how much you inspired me and all the attendees. ”

— presenter and host of my workshop "Accessing Awe," June 2023, in Kansas City

Thank you again for a most beautiful concert at the Kauffmann center this afternoon. What a treat that was and both , my niece and I, enjoyed listening to your wonderful performance.”

— audience member at the solo organ concert on Mother's Day, May 2023, at the Kauffman Center, Kansas City, MO

Am still in awe of your electrifying playing tonight on Saint-Saëns' Organ Symphony. Kansas City is so fortunate to call you their own. You're up there with The Count, Ella Fitzgerald, and Joyce DiDonato. ... But what impresses me the most is your real humility. ”

— audience member at Kansas City Symphony performance, June 2022