NOTE:  Because the COVID-19 situation is in flux and decision-makers in each location are monitoring and reacting to daily and sometimes hourly changes, please check back here frequently.  I will make every endeavor to keep this calendar page updated as concerts are determined to be "on," are rescheduled, or are cancelled.  Stay safe, everyone! 


Jan Kraybill's 22nd annual Super Bowl Sunday organ concert

Online only

FREE event.

Due to COVID restrictions, this annual event will be held online -- but the benefit is that so many more will be able to "attend," and I'll be able to show you close-up views of the action! Both of Community of Christ Headquarters' magnificent pipe organs will be featured. Read up on them at and, and watch this space for more details to come regarding this event!


Jan Kraybill events in 2021

2021 at this point is more full of questions than answers. Lots of things are in the works, but plans change frequently as we learn more about COVID and its ramifications. Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated regarding in-person, hybrid, and on-line offerings. Thank you for your support and encouragement for all people in the arts during these challenging times!