The Making of "Marked by Grace"

My pandemic project - my eighth CD!  See a bit of the behind-the-scenes story behind the creation of this product, recorded by Pro Organo and distributed by Naxos in 2020.


"Uncovering Kansas" podcast

Episode 401:  " Jan Kraybill, Professional Musician" - click here to listen

 In this month’s episode of Uncovering Kansas Rach talks with Grammy-nominated musical artist Jan Kraybill. If y’all could have seen Rachel’s eyes when she slotted this interview. She doesn’t geek out over too many things. Rachel is pretty level-headed. But she does enjoy a classical music concert, there’s no denying that. 

When Geoff, our co-producer, listened to the initial post-production he smiled and nodded as Jan communicated a response she receives after mentioning she’s from Kansas City to strangers she meets in her travels. ... Relax and listen to Rachel and Jan take a meandering audio backroads drive through the subjects of music, Kansas, travel and more.

Performance of "Aria" by Paul Ayres 

Recorded for the 2020 East Texas Pipe Organ Festival

A live performance for the COVID-defined, online-only 2020 Festival, of Paul Ayres' "Aria," one of seven movements of his Suite for Eric. Posted with permission of the composer and the Festival.  For sheet music and more information, visit Paul Ayre's website, here

Kansas City Symphony's podcast "Beethoven Walks into a Bar"

Season 2, Episode 3:  "Pipe Dreams with organist Jan Kraybill"  - click here to listen

This week on Beethoven Walks into a Bar we sit down with one of KC’s most treasured musicians, organist Jan Kraybill. Jan tells us all about the Kauffman Center’s beautiful Julia Irene Kauffman Casavant organ, including what it’s like to play and maintain such a mammoth instrument. Plus, Stephanie gets her first shot at hosting a rousing game of Bar Talk!

PBS interview about my annual Super Bowl Sunday organ performance tradition

Recorded January 2016

A short interview and preview of my seventeenth annual Super Bowl Sunday organ concert.