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CD Review:  "From Jan Kraybill at Helzberg Hall to an André Previn box set, listen to these albums"

"'The Orchestral Organ' is a stunner. Imagine some of classical music’s most powerful orchestral works performed on Helzberg Hall’s Casavant organ. If you think that sounds good on paper, wait until you actually hear the recording. Kraybill, who is also the conservator of the Casavant organ, is a one-woman orchestra whose renditions of Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Verdi and Sibelius will leave you slack-jawed. ... 'The Orchestral Organ' will knock the socks off any music lover, even those who claim they don’t like organ music."

Posi+ive Feedback

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"... this is a truly glorious recording, with Jan Kraybill providing stellar performances. I love the repertoire; not a "so what?!" in the entire bunch! The surround recording is done with real feeling and technical virtuosity in the audio arts. The sense of space and realistic decay is quite fine, and draws you into the room to sit and listen. This is a truly exemplary organ recording, one that I will listen to again and again."

Audiophile Audition

CD Review:  The Orchestral Organ (for full review, click Published Press at left)

"... I listened to the 5.1 rendering of these tracks and the sound was thrilling ... the performances are precise and committed, and Reference Recording has done their usual audiophile magic. ... Track selection is varied, with classical standards and a more contemporary work like the Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber. I thought it worked nicely for organ. I also especially enjoyed the Sibelius Finlandia, which was stirring and joyful.  Of particular note — this release contains many “first recordings”, as well as the world premier of Řezníček’s Praeludium and Chromatic Fugue. Musically and technically this disc is worth a listen, and frequent replays."

Pure joy -- pure music -- pure fascination.

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This is organ playing at its finest ... I cannot think of a better way to introduce listeners to what was surely the golden age of French music for the organ. Perhaps not since Johann Sebastian Bach, has this “king of instruments” been better served by one nation and its composers than has France and its illustrious composers who wrote marvelous pieces for the organ. Of course, it takes an extraordinary artist to get this point across, and I am happy to report that Reference Recordings has surely identified such a performer. Coupled with the expected excellent RR sonics, I would recommend this disc for not only lovers of organ music but of great music, period.

MusicWeb International

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... Jan Kraybill ... tackles Widor’s daunting structures with aplomb. ... The organ’s tonal subtlety and range of colours are very much in evidence ... her playing is always tasteful and proportionate. ...  Kraybill’s apt registrations and general keyboard wizardry turns her into something of a Prospero figure, very much in command of all that she surveys. ... Kraybill's playing is always refined, and she brings out the music’s inner voices with ease and good humour.... the joy that peals forth in the final seconds is a perfect metaphor for this recital as a whole; a triumph for all concerned.

Only once before have I encountered an organ recording worthy of the term 'a perfect storm’ ... Frankly, these two albums blow all others into the proverbial weeds.

Pure magic; my store of enchanted objects has just increased by one.

CNET magazine

... rare skill.

Classical Candor

... Kraybill's playing is also sweet and expressive, robust when needed, sensitive at other times. Very entertaining.

Kansas City Star

... extraordinary organist ... one of Kansas City’s most respected and loved musicians ... As the motorcycle-riding Kraybill demonstrates, organ music can be as head-banging as Metallica and as charming and sweet as a morning chorus of songbirds.

The Independent

... one of the most amazing displays of virtuosic musicianship I have heard in Kansas City.

KC Metropolis

... one of the jewels of the Kansas City music scene.

KC Metropolis

Kraybill’s performance of Marcel Dupré’s Variations sur un Noël, Op. 20 was the crown jewel of the concert and the [2010-11] season.

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Baker's Dozen Best Recordings 2014

Organ Polychrome

A hallmark of a great concert hall is a great organ. ... The Casavant here is a fine "symphonic" organ...  As a solo it is a fine instrument, especially under the control of Jan Kraybill ... Great, idiomatic performances of many of the French masters, including Widor (thankfully not the overdone "Toccata"), Vierne, Gigout, Guilmant, Franck, Alain, et al.  Lease breaking sonics to boot.

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