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Jan, Just have to tell you how much I am enjoying your CD of piano hymns I bought when Lisa and I went to your concert. I have to listen to it at LEAST twice a day and more often most times. I am hoping you will do more hymn CDs, either on piano or organ, but I do esp. enjoy the piano for hymns.
Hi Jan, I didn't have an opportunity to greet you after your Meyerson performance and hymn sing last Tuesday at the OHS convention. For me, it was THE highlight of the week. Thank you for your fine musicianship and for your sensitive programming and registering of Opus 100. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I look forward to the next time we meet. All best, David
We so enjoyed your organ recital in Birmingham,AL. What an amazing tribute for Armistice Day. Thanks for coming to play for us at Independent Presbyterian Church. Your history notes added so much understanding to the performance. Janice & Danny Fuqua
I am so elated from the conclusion of Dupre's Noel variations. What wonderful playing and music. Thank You!
Hello Dr. Kraybill. I have played piano for about 65 years. My teacher was also an organist, but I never had formation in organ. You playing and knowledge of the instrument are so pleasingly delivered to us. Thank you. Should I decide to have a few lessons at 71 years old, I will seek your guidance!
Dear Jan, I sure enjoyed and very impressed with your presentation at the Village Church on Sunday. My wife deAnn who passed away on Jan 17th of this year as a result of Alzheimer's. Happy to note you are a K-Stater! deAnn & I met at KSU back in the 50’s and were married at the Village Church in 1960. I had her funeral at the church and made a request to have Elisa Bickers play the KSU fight song,Almamonter. and The Wabash CB at the conclusion of the service. We both were very involved with KSU over the years and I have always enjoyed all kinds of Organ music.. I wished I had known about you as I would have requested you to play the organ if possible. You are very talented and dedicated to your profession! Did you happen to know the Deckert Family in Colby. I grew up on a farm near Holton, Ks. Several members of our family attended K-State. Best wishes and be careful on that Harley! Go Cats, Sam Moore
Dear Dr. Kraybill, I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to greet you after the Super Bowl Sunday concert. The opening light show was a wonderful surprise, and my, didn't the organ roar! I've heard that organ before, but I had forgotten how powerful it is. I so loved the Sweelinck; for some reason it brings a tear to my eye -- in a good way. Thank you for a lovely program and wonderful program notes as well! Sincerely, Robert Carter, Jefferson City.
Great recital today for #18! I really, really enjoyed Bach, Sweelinck, Mendelssohn and Thomson. Registrations were great, and your comments as always were excellent. I cam home to find the Mendelssohn quote, and have posted it on my FB --- never heard it before. The printed program was also excellent! Thank you a thousand times!
Thank you, thank you for the wonderful "Inspired!" program at Westport Preby on the Pasi Organ yesterday. Of course, the Bach selections were great, but the soul-cleansing of the Brahms was my very favorite. You are not only a gifted performer but your ability to create a connection with your audience is amazing to observe. If more recitals were 45-60 minutes audiences would be bigger! Thanks again so very much! -roger
Please add me to your e-mail list.
Dear Jan, It was a pleasure meeting you and Allan today. If there is any way Rodgers can assist the local chapter in bringing the organ to the people please let me know. Thank you for your performance today. Regards, Dewey
I loved your comments in conversation with John Obetz before he died. How joyful it must have been for both of you to plan and discuss the music for his funeral! And I KNOW you will get the tempo right on the third section!
Here is a link to an article about a theater organ installed in a warehouse. When complete, it will have from 6,000 to 8,000 pipes! There is a link with more information at the bottom of the article. Enjoy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2946971/Lip-balm-maker-builds-theater-pipe-organ-warehouse.html
Jan, I have been in touch with an East Coast friend who has done much organ touring in Europe. I know Lisa Ball is working an organ tour with you...I would be happy to forward some ideas to you from my well-traveled friend. How can I accomplish this? Or perhaps I should send them to Lisa.?
Just loved today's concert. And how you can do verbal commentary after such moving music is beyond me. Great notes. I never knew that it was Barber himself who arr. "Adagio" for voices. Loved the photographs and video of the organ. You are a true treasure not only for KC, but everywhere you travel. Good health.
My wife Joanie, my mother-in-law Ruth and I were lucky enough to hear Jan play at St. John's church here in Rochester, MN. It was a pleasure to hear such beautiful music played by someone so talented. Jan's mastery of the organ is just amazing. I hope she can make it back to Rochester again. Clay Hesser
Having lived the past 13 years in china, this summer in KC has been so rewarding as you have introduced me to music I have never experienced before. From your performance at Kauffman to concerts at the temple and your wonderful performance at the organ festival, I have been overwhelmed at the sounds you so effortlessly produce at a pipe organ. I have purchased your cd's to take back to China and introduce your music to my students there. I have many students in the UK and spend several months there each year and I now look forward to seeing you perform in one of the great European cathedrals. Again my heartfelt thanks to the kindness you have shown me at each of our brief hellos and the time you have spent with us before and after your temple performances. May you continue to be blessed with such a wonderful talent. qing song(stu grant)
Thank you so much for sharing your gift of music at the Future Stages Festival. I can honestly say my heart skipped a beat when you announced the last piece to be played and I knew that would be a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you again.
Dear Mrs. Kraybill, Just heard (and saw) your stunning performance of the Widor Fifth on youtube. Never heard this piece played better. It seems to me that you fully understand the musical gesture of this piece; tempo and agogics are fully in balance. And the magnificent Casavant organ must be very inspiring. Hope to hear you once in Missouri or otherwise in Europe?
Jan, I am so late in sending you compliments for the ministry, instruction and entertainment you offered at our recent MidSouth Mission Center workshop in Nashville. You are amazing!! Shalom
It was soooo nice to meet you at breakfast on the Enchantment!! I saw you a few more times and sorry we didn't get the chance to talk more!!!
I totally forgot about the date of your Lamoni recital. Tiffany (from her perch in the Graphics Office) wrote about 3:00 yesterday asking if we were driving up. We opted instead to remain home trying to keep Anna well before her grad school audition this coming Wed in Bloomington, Indiana U for what else, Vocal Performance : ) - Tiffany quicking sent me a pdf of your Lamoni program (she did well, yes? and the posters for your event were, I think, beautiful ... like you! I hope you'll save some and post one in your office. Linda Mann and I have a wall in our shared office at Truman High and your posters are among Anna's and others. See what fame and being a concert artist brings, LOL! ? Your Super Bowl program was, as always Jan, totally entertaining, edifying and a most high spiritual event. Part of the spirituality was, for so many people, the sheer joy of all things you said about finding a TYPEWRITER and how Alan presented himself and "his instrument", the flower out of his pocket, etc., etc. We did get to talk with him downstairs, following, and share enthusiastic congratulations and thanks. I'm sorry we did not get, finally, the chance to see and talk with you. Part of that was concern that you were likely beginning to tire of the long line of folks and wanting to kick your shoes off and sit down! What a huge season you have had beginning with all the MESSIAH programs and continuing through Lamoni. Wish reminds me, I need to look see what's coming up next. Thank you for all the energy, thought, prayer and love you put into your career, Jan. It is an honor and a rich blessing that Twila and I are allowed by virtue of being organ staff members to feel that we know you and so appreciate what you do for so many people. I don't know if they got into the line to see you, but Rodney's sister and Mother, Debbie and Gloria Giles were ecstatic about your program/performance at Super Bowl. It is a beautiful thing that you and they are friends, and I rejoice. Peace and blessings today and every day.
Just wanted to say 'thank you' so much for the wonderful concert today. What an uplifting afternoon!
Hi Jan and Alan, We so appreciate the invitation to your special Super Bowl Concert and reception; we so enjoyed seeing you both last year! However, I'm still having back/movement issues - just had a second epidural last Friday, so we regret that we won't be able to attend this year. Keep us in mind though.....hope you have a wonderful event! I'm sure you will! Dan and Dianna
Your recital at the Kauffman Center on Jan. 16 was wonderful. I especially appreciated the wit and enthusiasm you shared during the interview with Barone. Looking forward to more good music ahead!
Attended recital at Kauffman last night and had tears in my eyes! Wonderful instrument, spectacular venue, beautiful organist, impeccable musicianship --- a perfect evening!
Congratulations Dr. Kraybill. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Stay in touch.
Dearest Jan, You hold a place in my heart along with my own girls. I am so proud of all of your accomplishes but most of all, for your humble soul which reflects the fruits of the Spriit of our living God. He has blest you with incredible talents and you are using them for His Glory. You and Allan are such a unique and wonderful team. May the Lord continue to bless you with His awesome blessings!!. With Forever Love, Aunt Pat
Dr. Kraybill, Thank you again for sharing your gift with us at the concert yesterday; I can't stop listening to recordings of the Westminster Carillon! It's immensely inspiring and intimidating at the same time. I was curious if there are any recordings I could purchase of YOU playing the piece though? Hope to see you in a recital or concert sometime soon!!
Dear Dr. Kraybill, I am a non-traditional (euphemism for old) student at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. I am currently working on a lecture/recital for an Independent Study of Gregorian chant. In researching possible chant material I came across your dissertation. I have ordered a copy of it through in-library loan and am very excited to see your work. I was hoping you might permit me to email a question or two as I am reading through your transcriptions. Thank you for your work. Sincerely, Karin Rossi
Heard you at Trinity on Tuesday. I'm an amateur organist and esp. love the French composers. Was happy to hear Durufle, Alain and DuPre that I'm not familiar with--your polished presentation and professionalism are a great combination with your warmth and obvious enthusiasm. What a great ambassador you are!
Jan, Just wanted to tell you what a FABULOUS job you did today. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your recital. We loved your selections, and, of course, your playing was outstanding. Thanks for continuing your tradition, and letting us go along for the ride.
Can't wait to hear you play Saturday night and to see you again; it's been too long!!
Wonderful concert Sunday in Sun City with all of my favorite French/Belgian composers (except CMW). Would that all of our top performers could also speak as graciously and wittily while educating and entertaining their audience!
I am planning to drive over from El Paso to Phoenix to hear you play on Nov. 14. Enjoyed talking with you at the Washington National Cathedral at the Convention. Look forward to hearing you play again. See you soon. Linda
Lovely to be able to see what you are up to, and admire the photo's.
Thanks, Jan for all that you do! Your compassion for the arts and your love for God's children...not matter what country...is an inspiration to us all.
I just checked your calendar . . but am wondering where you are right now. Please write or call.
The concert you gave at Conference was one of the highlights of my delegate experience this year. I especially liked the one about the man working the cotton fields. It had such a rich, simple and yet intricate theme and it touched me in what I regarded as soulful simplicity and beauty. Several of your numbers were so special. I'm not sure I identified the sorrowful piece accurately but I think you will know the one I mean.
When Sue went to NY the first time, I gave her a wall hanging that said, "Call Mom - 785-460-2527 - You know how she worries!" Perhaps I should make something for you like that! I do wish you would write or call more often. I feel like I know little about what's happening in your life. Love frdom Mom PS The Mother's Day roses are beautiful. I assume you received my thank you e-mail.
I'm interested in buying two of your CD's: "The Auditorium Organ: 50 Years of Excellence" and "Two by 2". However I can't get your "Buy" page to work. It says to go to the bottom, but it won't scroll and I can see the bottom. Any suggestions?
Hello Janet. I'm so excited that you have a cd. Mom and I are planning on attending a concert--hopefully the one on Mar 7th. God bless you and I hope you and your family are well. Love Nori
Hey Jan!!
Jan, Would love to catch up with you!! What a wonderful website! Karen
Happy holidays to an amazing organist, teacher and artist! - Joshua and Julie
H Jan, I am meeting with Joe Oshiver today and he is interested in purchasing the CD from the 50th concert. It is not clear how we should go about doing that. Can you let me know so I can let him know? Thanks - what a WONDERFUL night!!! Lisa
Really enjoyed your recital in Dallas!